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About Composite French Doors

French doors are usually chosen to add a certain impressive factor to a door way, whether it is for the size, the potential increase in light or simply for the design, French doors are a beautiful feature to be able to involve in any design.

Composite doors in general are bring multiple savings and increasing security and usability.

The Prime Aspect Composite French door range of composite doors offers designers the chance to create a fabulous door way that will not only impress but also maintain the benefits brought by the technology involved with composite door design. At Prime Aspect Windows we make sure we have the widest range of composite French Doors available to our customers in Darlington in the North East of England, this way we not only install new composite French Doors but also provide unbeatable maintenance and repair services.

Plain & Solid Colour Options

Plain & Solid Colours
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Superior Colour Options

Unique superior painted finishes
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