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Georgian conservatory

The unique features of Georgian conservatories are its lighting the airiness of the building and it has more subdued lines than that of the victorian style of conservatories.

This style is characterised by its square or rectangular symmetrical shape and features a flat front. This square or rectangular design makes this style of conservatory makes the positioning of furniture and other objects within the conservatory very easy and straight forward allowing for furniture, plants and or other items to be freely rearranged however one could desire with no potentially wasted space that can come with other architectural styles of conservatories. Prime Aspect Windows aim to provide the perfect conservatories in Darlington to meet your needs and ensure you get the product you want.

Georgian conservatories were originally built for period homes around the 18th all the way to the 19th centuries. Owning one of these styles of conservatories during this period was very expensive and so were almost always the domain of the rich and the powerful, very few of these conservatories were built apart from the ones incorporated into the grounds of the stately homes of the rich.

The original designs of georgian conservatories is much different from their modern counterparts, the original designs featured very few windows in their design as glass was extremely costly and let cold air into the conservatory. This is entirely different from the designs of today’s georgian conservatories which predominantly feature windows allowing lots of natural light into the building and creating a very airy feel. Today’s georgian architecture has similarities to its past designs with its window frames and style of brick used as the base of the design.