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Lantern conservatory

This special style of conservatory the Lantern conservatory was one of the original styles of conservatories when they were exclusively known as orangeries. With Prime Aspect Windows in Darlington depending on your particular budget we can make a lantern conservatory an excellent presentation of elegance and grandeur. Including our best Maintenance and installation service ensuring you get the best product possible for what you pay.

The defining feature of a lantern conservatory is its distinctive conservatory room which has a distinct two tier roof on different levels. The two layers are separated by a row of windows and allows an increased amount of circulation keeping the air in the room fresh.

Because of its sense of grandeur and elegance a lantern conservatory is an ideal decision for housing orangeries, swimming pools or for large conservatories space, with this style of conservatory it constantly projects a feeling of glorious opulence.

With a lantern conservatory its most prominent overall features are its light, height and grandeur often being incredibly spacious and presenting an uninterrupted sight of the clear sky.