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Large Span & Portal Conservatory

One of the largest and most impressive conservatories that Prime Aspect Windows can prodive is the Large Span/Portal Conservatories. These are truly grand structures utilising a supportive skeletal structure that is part of the inside of the conservatory allowing dramatically large designs to cover a wide area, this additional space and impressive construction allows it to be used for a variety of uses. Some examples of these uses could be a gym, a hotel dining room, a swimming pool or perhaps even a Jacuzzi or Spa. At Prime Aspect Windows we aim to in Darlington provide the best installation and maintenance service to our customers.

While there are certain uses for Large Span / Portal conservatories anything is possible due to the flexibility and advanced engineering that goes into their construction. The most common utilisation of Large Span / Portal conservatories is the covering of swimming pools, this design allows you to forget about several issues such as weather, leaves and insects contaminating your pool allowing you to enjoy it at any time with less concerns about contamination or cleaning. This also saves you money on chemicals or maintenance for the pool.

Large Span/Portal conservatories can go up to six metres without requiring substructure supports. These supports can be made of high-grade aluminium or timber and needs to be solidly fixed to the ground.