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Lean To & Mediterranean Conservatories

The Lean To or Mediterranean style of conservatories are architecturally the simplest style of conservatory available, with clean lines which can give the conservatory a very contemporary feel. Here with Prime Aspect Windows this feature makes them a very popular choice to go alongside modern homes in Darlington. This style of conservatory will be perfect if you are looking for simple straightforward design for your home.

Lean To conservatories are often called garden rooms or sun rooms as they add a flavour from the mediterranean into homes that are incorporated into, capturing the sunlight of the cold winter months and converting it into heat through the glass.

The simple straightforward shape of a Lean To or Mediterranean conservatory allows them to have the maximum amount of potential maximum space in an ideal and highly economical style.

These unique style of conservatories have their beginning in the design of greenhouses have their beginning in the designs of greenhouses which which were designed and built to face the southern sun. These specific inspirations and designs created a building that attracted the sun and offered great shelter from the cold of winter.

Given their simple designs and that with almost all projects involving the construction of Lean To or Mediterranean Conservatories one wall of the conservatory is already built this aspect of the design can save valuable time, labour and money to complete the project.

Of the many different styles available a Lean To or Mediterranean conservatory is a very cheap choice as its simplicity ad with organisation of heating, electricity and water already available from your home the maintenance and installation costs are much lower as well.