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Orangery conservatory

Orangery Conservatories are specially designed so that there is more light and space with the light spilling into connected rooms, lighting up other rooms in the home. Orangeries are a popular product with Prime Aspect Windows in darlington for several reasons, including their size, configuration & style range.

The style originated in the 15th and 16th century Italian nobility used Roman inspired architecture to grow citrus trees. This is where this unique style of conservatory gets its distinctive name.

The room was in the 17th to the 19th centuries a room or separate building within which oranges and other fruit trees which could be moved outside during the summer and stored away to protect them from the winters colder temperatures in a similar function to a greenhouse.

Orangeries have a prominent focus on privacy, elegance and luxury orangeries were originally designed to be places where wealthy individuals could easily grow citrus trees without risk of the cold damaging them during the winter months, and over time oranges and other citrus fruits became readily available through other cheaper means so over time orangeries slowly developed into luxurious home extensions.

Typically very diverse when it comes to the construction often being specially designed for individual products so the design can match up with the style and appearance of the original home.

Typical elements of the construction often are specially designed for individual projects so the design can match up with the style and appearance of the original home.

Typically elements of the construction are a brick base, flat perimeter roof, central roof lantern, and are generally square or rectangular.