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P-shape conservatory

The P-Shape conservatory combines the features of the Lean To conservatory with a Victorian conservatory. This unique styles features have been perfected and optimised for much larger detached homes the conservatory can feature a three faceted or five faceted design. With theses distinct features Prime Aspect Windows aims to give their customers the best installation and maintenance service in Darlington possible.

P-Shape designs are an intermingling of both Edwardian and Victorian features that is the ideal option when searching for a way of creating the maximum space possible while maintaining the sense of proportion in the property, and not using an extensive amount of garden space or causing the need for a garden redesign.

The end result of a P-Shape conservatory is a very versatile and open living space that can be specialised for anything that a family could possibly need. The P-Shape conservatories size makes it a very versatile area and can be used for two separate areas of the house, a potential example of this is using the longer section of the P-Shape style design as a lounge or dining room, with the rounded section being utilised as a living room or a location for children to play in before dinner is served.

For this design a large area is required to properly construct a P-Shape conservatory and for this reason they are best suited for much larger detached properties generating a visually impressive result.