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Solid Roof Conservatories

Solid Roof conservatories design are incredibly effective insulation with an aesthetically pleasing design, allowing the room to be utilised all year round. Here with Prime Aspect Windows we are dedicated to giving our customers in Darlington the best possible installation and maintenance service possible. With this in mind this style of conservatory is incredibly efficient at keeping your conservatory cooler through the summer and warm through the winter. A Solid Roof can be made in many different styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To or Bespoke styles.

Solid Roof conservatories have most commonly been used as a form of replacement for pre existing conservatories, permanently changing them into delightful living spaces that can be lived in all year round. Although It can still be used in the creation of a new conservatory instead of just being used as a replacement for a preexisting roof that needs replacement.

This style of conservatory is not called Solid Roof without reason; it’s design evokes a feeling of a solid foundation that will impact the rest of the conservatory that it has been built upon. Because of the roof’s design and construction a portion of natural lighting that could have been a prominent feature is lost, but the end result will still end up being very spacious and bright from the light coming from the windows and doors of new conservatory on your older conservatory with its new Solid Roof. Their design also prevents a lot more noise from natural weather such as intense winds or rain keeping living in your conservatory as relaxing and calm as possible.