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T-shape conservatory

T-Shape conservatory is a mix of styles featuring a central projection, this design can have potentially three styles victorian, georgian or gable. This is a very interesting and versatile style to chose from, as the design of the conservatory allows the creation of separate living areas within its space. A prominent feature of this style is the central area that extends into the garden which creates the feeling of bringing nature into the home. With Prime Aspect Windows we aim to give our customers in Darlington the best possible installation and maintenance to give our customers the best possible service we can provide.

With the two areas within this particular style an ideal use for the large section could potentially be used as extra space for a living room or lounge, or potentially be utilised as a dining room.

If you want the conservatory at the back of your house the second section could potentially be utilised for a child’s play area or for a small garden room. The smaller area of the conservatory can have a three to five facet side or can simply be straight sided.

The T-Shape style is one of the most appealing styles available to chose from and has the potential to suit most styles and the design of different properties with the upper upper section of the T adjoining the house and the other sections that move into the garden.

The T-Shape tends to be a very large style and is coincidently one of the better styles to add a significant amount of space to your home, with this T-Shape conservatories are intended for much larger properties more so if the garden is of a significant size as the conservatory tends to take up a significant amount of space in the garden.

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