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Victorian conservatory

Victorian conservatories unique features include its curved front and octagonal roof and often has a three or five faceted front creating its classical curved appearance.

One of the other significant features of this style of conservatory is that it will dramatically increase the amount of sunlight lighting up your home, this can be very convenient addition to the house as well as the extra lighting from the many windows can help the home with lighting and heating costs. Here at Prime Aspect Windows we care about our customers in Darlington and aim to provide the best installation and maintenance service possible.

A Victorian Conservatory is an ideal choice for many traditional homes and and makes the perfect dining room where you can admire your gorgeous views outside of your home. This is also what makes them exceptional relaxation space, if you enjoy a drink of tea in the morning you can feel awakened and relaxed in the bright morning sun, or at the end of the evening you can relax and calm down after a grueling day with a good book.

The history of this unique style of conservatory was inspired from an incredible architectural work, The Crystal Palace in London. The Crystal Palace was constructed during the great exhibition of 1851, the visitors found the building an astonishing marvel with its impressive size and it’s clear ceilings and walls, this amazement and fascination coupled with innovations in glass production and the increased viability of steel as a construction material kickstarted the trend for glass architecture in public, horticultural and domestic buildings leading to the very distinct style of victorian conservatories.